May 12

Ending the School Year

Today marks the next to the last Friday for this school year. We have almost finished the regular and Honors English 9 curriculum for this year.

Third Period: Today we read and annotated “Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia” from the Informational Text handout given to each student on Thursday. The class assignment was to answer the four Reading Check questions on page 1037 of the handout. Students were reminded to provide well-written answers using complete sentences. Students were also instructed to answer all five of the Test Practice questions on the same page.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Periods: Most students have read their published short stories to the class. We are now working on a Paper Circuit and LED Illuminating the Text Project. This will be our last project of the school year. Each student will find or create a visual representation of their own story, making sure they adhere to all copyrights laws. Students need to have their images ready for class on Monday so that we can begin the maker activity to build a series ciruit out of coper tape and pick a focal point to illuminate with an LED light sticker. Watch for future posts of finished projects.

English 9 Final Exams – Students were reminded that they will take a two-day final exam for English 9. Everyone will take the writing prompt portion of the final exam on Monday May 22. Then students will take the multiple choice portion of the final on either Tuesday May 23 or Thursday May 24th based on which class period they are in and the school’s final exam schedule.

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