April 6

Period 6 – Week 3 Blogging Challenge


How you ever known you could do something great but were never given the changes? This was Geophphery Giraffes problem everyday as he sat in the stands of the horse races. He knew that he was not only good enough to compete, but to win.

Leaving the races that afternoon, Geophphery bumped into Hunter Horse, the top runner, and Evelyn Elephant, the host of the races. Geophphery expressed his craving to be in the races and they immediately laughed as if he were joking. After realizing Geophphery wasn’t laughing, Evelyn offered him a spot in the races as her own personal joke.

The next day at the races Geophphery  preparing himself for the opportunity of a lifetime. He was running alone but heard the jockeys telling their horses to get ready and giving them tips. He closed his eyes and listened to their words words carefully. Hunter and his jockey were going to find a way to get rid of Geophphery. BANG! The gun fired, the stall door opened, and they were on the run…..

April 6

Period 4 – Week 3 Blogging Challenge


Drugs, drams, drugs, drams, dead dreams torn apart.

Out of options, stop this at the source, from where did this addiction stem?

Narcotics float around, replacing their once warm hearts,

Ostentatious attempts at appearing sober, only causing more mayhem,

Tearing families apart. Addiction is fatal.

Rearing back, preparing for the traumatic attack.

Eventually the addicted, cease to survive, and children are robbed from their cradles.

Launched in and out of homes, not knowing where they might end up.

Young, yet matured due to what they have endured, only seeing the world as corrupt.

One more shot, one more hit, one more pill, one more, just one more…

Never again, is always muttered coming down from a high. Hungover.

Yet, yearning yields an invincible high; this might even be the day that you die.

Overdose. Overdose. Overdose.

Unequivocally deciding to get clean, unable to risk another collapse.

Rehab. Relapse. Rehab. Relapse. Recovery.

Catastrophes strike with no avail; suddenly filled with anxiety.

Losing your mind, in your hand you find one more….

Addiction has found you. You can no longer hide.

Succumb to it, reach the high you adore.

Spacing out, at least you tried,

Mortal bodies can only get so high.

Achieving the peak, is now your only pride—

The only problem is, in seconds you will die.

Everyone knew you I didn’t care about life, that is why you are now merely classified:

Suicide. Suicide. Suicide.


Photograph: Canipe, Dr.. pillbowl.jpg. 18 May 2010. Pics4Learning. 4 Apr 2018

April 6

Period 1 – Week 3 Student Blogging Challenge

Graduation is a time for celebration


Ready to move on to the next chapters in life

Adventures that are awaiting on us

Deciding what we are going to do with our life

Understanding what we are leaving behind us

Achievements and memories that we will forever cherish forever

Teachers that we will miss

Every moment that we will remember forever.



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