March 16

Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

And that means it post day for the Eng. 12 Blogging Challenge.


History of Wapahani

Wapahani High School was created in 1967 to combine the two schools; Selma High School and Center High School. The name Wapahani was chosen by the daughter of Ardis Bailey. Ardis Bailey was a secretary at Selma High School. Wapahani is a Delaware Indiana word that means white river, which runs behind the high school throughout the state of Indiana.

The first high school was Selma High School, which was established in 1904. The school was located in Liberty Township. Selma High School was open from 1904 to 1967. When Selma High School closed, it turned into a middle school for a few years, until a new Selma High School was built next to Wapahani High School.

Center High School was established in 1905. It was located in Perry Township in Delaware County.  Center High School was a very small school during this period of time. Center High School’s curriculum was limited and only had the basic education.

At Wapahani High School there are many college dual credit classes. We have multiple extracurricular activities, such as different kind of sports and activities. Wapahani has changed and developed throughout the years, making it a great learning place and a great high school experience.


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IMG_0979 (1)-1zqoaxo from 4th Period

Senior Reflection –  I wouldn’t think I would learn anything from spending a month reading, crafting a fever chart, and writing an essay about an old story I didn’t really care about or like, but I kind of did. My biggest take away was figuring out that I couldn’t do the bare minimum anymore and that if I continued to do so that it would get me in trouble, especially in college. In the next four years after high school, I’m going to be continuously fighting for my spot at the top of the animation program at Ball State, the most competitive art major they offer. I’ve been working hard for it almost my whole life, so to go into it trying to scrape by would be stupid and very irresponsible. Another thing is that a lot of Ball State kids go to different internships with different animation companies like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, but no one has been able to make it into Pixar. They said that they’ve had kids get into the semi-finals, but never break through to the actual thing, so that’s my goal, be the first Ball State student to intern at Pixar. In order to do that, I can’t strive for the bare minimum anymore. I have to swallow my pride a little bit and start working hard in order to achieve the kinds of goals I’m setting for myself. I wouldn’t have thought that I learned that from spending a month reading, crafting a fever chart, and writing an essay about an old story I didn’t really care about or like, but I did.


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File_000 (1)-1jkgj4f 

from 6th period.

Hamlet’s love for Ophelia

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is extremely in love with
Ophelia. Ophelia isn’t sure how to feel about it as if she isn’t sure if she should love him
back or not. Hamlet writes letters to her expressing his love for her and hopes that one
day she’ll return the letters back to him. Polonius, Ophelia’s father, then finds these letters
and takes them to the Queen and Kings attention that he is writing these letters to his
daughter. When Polonius takes the letters to the King and Queen, the Queen sees no
problem in Hamlet expressing his love for Ophelia the way he is because he found
someone who was a caring person. After Ophelia’s father gets murdered by Hamlet,
Ophelia became very depressed at her father’s death and becomes a little insane. She then
drowns herself because she is depressed.
While watching the movie I was very interested as to how the characters Ophelia and
Hamlet’s roles changed. Hamlet was a shy misunderstood man who loved his mother and
found out later after his mother remarried to his uncle Claudius when he father died that
he did because he was murdered by his father. Ophelia was a shy timid woman who had a
great heart and cared for her father and obeyed him and the King and Queen. Ophelia had
the deepest love for Hamlet but wasn’t sure how he felt about her until he started writing
letters and expressing his love for her.

After watching the movie Hamlet, I believe that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia was
exactly as he wrote it to her. I believe he was strong and endeared to her and really
wanted to marry her but was too afraid to be turned down and rejected by her. Hamlet
was very loyal to her and had the idea that he would give Ophelia the world. Ophelia on
the other hand wasn’t sure if she could love a man who never spoke to her and showed
his love for her only through letters. Ophelia was very dear to him and was very
concerned of him at times.
In the play by William Shakespeare, Hamlet recited these lines “I loved Ophelia. Forty
thousand brothers, if you added all their love together, couldn’t match mine. What are you
going to do for her (line 285-287)?” This quote shows Hamlet’s love for Ophelia after
she died. When Ophelia died Hamlet and Laeretes had a battle to see which man was the
strongest and bravest. But Claudius and Laeretes had planned to kill Hamlet during this
battle. Claudius slipped a poison filled capsule into a drink and spoke “ Stay, give me
drink. Hamlet this pearl is thine; here’s to thy health. Give him the cup.” But Hamlet did
not drink. Hamlet’s response was “Ill play this bout first; set it by


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  1. Sheri Edwards

    I enjoyed learning about the school and especially how it was named. Learning about Hamlet was interesting — to understand the connection to the play and the movie. For the art student wanting to go to Pixar after Ball State, I offer you this insight into Pixar — a great example that can be applied any where: Accept any offer and Make your partner look good. Continue your awesome blogging!


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