March 11

Week 1 Blogging Challenge Winners

Congratulations 6th Period

Scales tries to educate us.
If we have a lecture, nobody listens.
Xylophones listen better than we do.
Tooting is all we hear.
Hazardous to our education.

Pretending we know what is going on.
Even Mrs. Scales pretends to know.
Relaxing all hour.
Internet is down, again.
Odor is still penetrating my nostrils.
Dragons are cool.

Best overall

Second Place goes to 4th Period

Best icon

Third Place goes to 1st Period (time to wake up for this week’s challenge).

That means that we go into the second week of the Student Blogging Challenge with the following scores:

1st period           1 pt.

4th period          2 pts.

6th period          3 pts.

About week 2: Commenting skills

This is another important week in the challenge. Blogging is all about having your voice heard and connecting with others who might like to read and comment on what you have written. But, as in many things we humans do, there are some protocols bloggers in schools like to follow.

Remember the wonderful toolkit we used for out Out of Eden Walk earlier this year. Using those ideas:

Notice: What stands out to you or catches your eye in this person’s post? In other words, what do you notice in particular? Be specific.

Appreciate: Share what you like, appreciate or value in the post you’ve read. Be specific.

Probe: Probe for more details. Ask questions that will help give you a better sense of another person’s perspective. (See Creative Questions & Sentence Starts below)

Snip: Cut and paste a phrase or sentence from the original post into your comment. Ask a question about it or say what you find interesting or important about what is being said.

Connect: Make a connection between something in the post and your own experiences, feelings, or interests.

Extend: Describe how the post extended your thoughts in new directions or gave you a new perspective.

Each class needs to complete 3 activities this week:

  1. Make a short video using both visuals and sound to explain to those people reading your posts how to leave comments.
  2. Write a class post on a topic you think other bloggers might be interested in.
  3. Reply to at least three other classes in the blogging challenge.

It is entirely up to your class as to how you divide up the work and responsibility for these three activities. All three parts must be delivered to Mrs. Scales by the end of class on Friday for posting.


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