March 9

Introducing the Three Eng. 12 Classes

Three separate senior English class periods will be competing while participating in this year’s Student Blogging Challenge.

For week one, each class has created their own icon, avatar, or logo and provided just a bit of introductory information. Let us know what you think or questions you may have. Students will respond to all comments.



About Us Eng. 12 Period 1

  • Mrs. Scales 1st hour Senior Class at Wapahani High School
  • Most of us are in 1st hour because we leave to go to the career center or we leave to go to our internships
  • We are a small class from Selma Indiana surrounded by cornfields
  • The girls outnumber the boys, but only by a few
  • All of us have senioritis and we are past ready to graduate


“Important” Facts About Period 4

 16 “hardworking” students (17, but we choose not to claim one)
 Dysfunctional
 We play scrabble every Wednesday during class
 We make/drink/spill coffee, daily
 Greatest flaw: honesty
 The attention span of gnats
 We irk our teacher, daily
 Work together strangely well
 Always make English fun
 Laugh wayyyyyy too much (if that’s even possible)
 We’re her favvvs


Scales tries to educate us.
If we have a lecture, nobody listens.
Xylophones listen better than we do.
Tooting is all we hear.
Hazardous to our education.

Pretending we know what is going on.
Even Mrs. Scales pretends to know.
Relaxing all hour.
Internet is down, again.
Odor is still penetrating my nostrils.
Dragons are cool.



Please let us know which class you think has the most interesting visual and written introduction. We have also updated our map on the sidebar so we can see where all of our new comments are coming from. Check back often and look for the class logo for additional weekly blog posts.