English Binders Scored

Today we graded our English binders using the rubric presented to each student earlier this week. There were 56 possible points for the final binder check. After finishing with the binders, we had our final Writing Workshop Day for this semester. That means that there will be no additional class writing time for students to finish any of the three writing assignments required for this grading period. All writing must be turned in by next Wednesday, so if you haven’t finished all of your writing, you will have to do the work as homework.

Writer-Reader’s Notebooks due tomorrow.

Important Handouts

Today was a good day in class. We talked about several good books.

Also all of the 7th grade students were given three very important
handout today.

1) The rubric for their final semester points for both their English Binders and
Writer-Reader’s notebooks. (This is a blue handout.) All of these points are for
simply keeping their binder and notebook up to date. There are no cognitive
requirements to receive all of these points. Anyone who has listened in class and
participated by doing or coping down the information as we went along will have
what they need to earn all of these points. Binders will be due this Thursday.
Notebooks with this week’s homework will be due this Friday.

2) A print out of all the AR quizzes taken this grading period. This is information
needed to complete the binder and notebook requirements. 

3) Semester exam study guide. (This is a salmon colored handout.) Answers to
every question on the study guide can be found in one of three sources:Craft
, English Binder, or W-R’s Notebook.  This handout covers all of the possible information for the semester exam.

The race is on! We did a top 10 countdown of the students who have earned the most AR points this grading period and started the graphing of class percentage of students who have earned all 25 AR points for this grading period.

New Books Available

I took advantage of the book fair. There are several new books available on the shelves in our in class library. Check them out.

by Anthony Horowitz
illustrated by John Blackford
ISBN: 0399236201
Ages 10-up
208 pages

Fourteen-year-old Alex has always been told that his uncle was killed in a car accident. But Alex starts to unravel the mysterious truth when he discovers that his uncles windshield was riddled with bullet holes. As Alex ventures deeper into his uncle’s secret life, he finds himself running from terrorists and working for the government. Can he handle the mission? The fate of England depends on it.