April 30


A parabola is a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side. The path of a projectile under the influence of gravity ideally follows a curve of this shape. The first student to explain why I might have named our class blog Parabola will earn extra credit.

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My life has taken many paths. I grew up in Farmland, Indiana and graduated from Monroe Central High School in 1979. Yes I know that seems like a long time ago to most of you. After I graduated from High School, I went into the U. S. Navy. Not a lot of women enlisted in the Navy back then. Boot camp was still segregated (that means there were only women in my boot camp) and yes, boot camp is as bad as they say it is. I survived though and began seeing a little more of the world than just our lovely corn and soy bean fields of Indiana. I was an advanced avionics technician and worked on F14 Tomcat jets in the Navy. Back then women couldn't go on ships but I was stationed in Bermuda for a little over a year. Bermuda is beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. I married my husband while in the Navy and we eventually moved to Minnesota.

9 thoughts on “Parabola

  1. Max Davis

    you called the blog parabola because if someone is looking for an answer on the blog and they didn’t find it and they go to your desk and ask where it is you will tell them to look harder and go back to their desk. Which flows like a parabola.

  2. Ben Brannon

    You called the blog a parabola because the main page tells us what we did in class, but there are more choices to pick to find what we are looking for if we don’t find it on the main page. So there is more choices than one just like a parabola.

    1. mrsscales207 (Post author)

      Very good attempt Ben. Your reasoning is sound, but that is not correct. Thanks for making an attempt.

  3. Hallie

    You might’ve called the blog parabola because you want to make a curve in the way you affect people when you teach.

    1. mrsscales207 (Post author)

      Hallie, thanks for making an attempt. I do hope that my teaching does have some effect on students, but that is not the reason I named the blog, Parabola.

  4. Ben Brannon

    You named the blog parabola because there are options throughout the blog that make you think of new thoughts or meanings of a writing or picture that maybe nobody else would think of. A person can have infinity ideas about something.

  5. Ben Brannon

    You named the blog parabola because there are many ways that make you think of new ideas that nobody could come up with and others come up with new ideas off of your ideas, but all the ideas go down to one thing, the outline of what you were thinking about.


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